The Rise of Wearable Tech

Health and well-being has never been so popular. There are gadgets and apps for everything from heart rate monitors to GPS trackers, each filling the insatiable desire to gain more knowledge about our bodies. It is estimated that wearable fitness monitors is now a $1.15bn industry.

I too have succumbed to the obsessive wearing of the ‘activity band’ and have recently embarked on the nationally recognised ‘Park Run’. From being someone who has never run further than the taxi rank I am now ‘running’ 5k and have (albeit a bit prematurely) signed up for the Windsor 10k which is in September so plenty of time to train I hope !

So what is it that makes these activity devices so popular? Well we all know we should move more, but wearing the tech doesn’t just give us scientific reasons to exercise more, it gives us the motivation. The bands (especially if they are linked to apps on the phone) keep health and well-being top of mind.

Is there a place for branded fitness monitors?

The opportunity for brand exposure and reinforcement has never been greater. Merchandise has changed from something that was once kept on your desk at work, to an item that travels with you and becomes an extension of your day to day life. Your brand is now getting into the very heart of your clients’ and/or your employees’ home, on the sports field, even in the pub (yes there is now a breathalyser app…).

For those of you responsible for the health and well-being of your employees, this is a great opportunity as part of your CSR Strategy to get your teams active, and promote a healthier lifestyle, and hopefully end up with a happier and more productive workforce.

What Fitness or Health Monitor to choose?

There is a plethora of monitors and health devices to choose from, so where do you start – here are my top 4

1.The Activity Band – what does it do?

These are the most popular, based on a 3 component accelerometer, they measure acceleration against 3 axis. They feed the data back to an app to be analysed and measured. Most communicate via Bluetooth, however Jaw UP syncs with iPhones and consumes less battery power. Simple activity bands just count steps, others such as the Nike FuelBand count calories – each using their unique algorithms!

If you are hoping your customers or employees will wear the bands (if they don’t already have them), choosing a mid to high range item that has additional functionality such as monitoring the heart rate, or oxygenation, will help adoption.


2. The Lumo Lift

This is a unique wearable gadget. Similar to the activity band it tracks steps, calories and distance, however it also helps track and improve your posture. Ideal for those suffering with back problems. The clever device linked to an App prompts and alerts you when your posture is not as it should be!


3.The Cloud Cup

We have covered the fitness angle, but how about hydration? We know we are meant to drink 8 glasses of water a day, but how can you tell what you have drunk. This 500ml capacity smart cup works with an app via Bluetooth to alert you when to drink and advises you on your hydration.

cloud cup

4.Music and Hydration

This quirky little gadget combines good quality sound (3W) and a 600ml drinks bottle. Ideal for sport, outdoor and health based campaigns. There is a good size branding area, and has a playtime of around 5 hours


For more information on any wearable tech or fitness monitors do get in touch, and we can work out what will work best for your budget and campaign.

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